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Elliott & Varuhas: Administrative Law

The fifth edition of Administrative Law has been published by Oxford University Press. The new edition is co-written by Mark Elliott, Professor of Public Law at the University of Cambridge, and Jason NE Varuhas, Associate Professor of Law at the University of Melbourne. The following blogpost is based on the authors’ preface to the fifth edition.

UK Constitutional Law Association Conference: Debating the Constitution after the Election

On Wednesday 24 June, the UK Constitutional Law Association will be holding a one-day conference at the University of Manchester on the subject of “Debating the Constitution after the Election”. I am delighted to be giving the opening address. The aim of the day is to allow discussion, in the aftermath of the general election,

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Revising for your 2015 Public Law exam? Here are some of this year’s key developments and blog highlights

For some readers (perhaps soon to be ex-readers) of this blog, their Public Law exam will be looming. As the end of the academic year approaches, I have been reflecting on some of the key developments in Public Law that have taken place during the last 12 months. The following is not intended in any

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RightsInfo — Facilitating Reasoned Debate about Human Rights

Reasonable people can and do differ about the extent to which human rights should be protected by courts, and the extent to which questions about rights are ultimately issues of policy that should be reserved to democratic, political institutions such as Parliament. (However much one might disagree with him, Lord Sumption JSC — who has expressed

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#PublicLawExam 2015 — For those with upcoming exams in Public Law

Over the next month, with those who have upcoming exams in Public Law in mind, I will be tweeting advice, key developments and links to recent cases, articles and blog posts. I will also (probably every few days) add those tweets and associated links to this page. I’ll be using the hashtag #PublicLawExam. You can find me on

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