‘Brexit in the High Court’ — BBC Radio 4, Law in Action, 8 November 2016


Following the judgment of the High Court in R (Miller) v Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union (about which I have written briefly here, and in more detail, with Hayley Hooper, here), this week’s edition of BBC Radio 4’s Law in Action examines the implications of the decision and broader questions about the next steps that are likely to taken in relation to Brexit. The programme was recorded in Trinity College, Cambridge, a few days ago.

During the programme, presenter Joshua Rozenberg, my colleague Professor Catharine Barnard and I discuss a range of Brexit-related matters, including the significance of the Miller judgment, the prospects for the case in the Supreme Court, the likely way forward in terms of parliamentary involvement should the High Court’s decision be upheld, the future relationship between the UK and EU legal systems, and the possible implications of the ‘Great Repeal Bill’ that the Government intends to introduce into Parliament in due course.

The programme can be listened to via the BBC Radio 4 website.