A couple of weeks ago, I gave a talk as part of the University of Cambridge’s Brexit Week — a series of events organised by my colleagues Professor Catherine Barnard and Dr Amy Ludlow. The event at which I spoke was entitled ‘The Politics and Process of Leaving the EU’. Professor David Runciman, the head of the University’s Department of Politics, spoke on the politics of Brexit, while I addressed the legal (as well as the political) aspects of the withdrawal process. In my talk, I focussed on the ‘before’, ‘during’ and ‘after’ of Brexit by examining questions about the triggering of the Article 50 withdrawal process, the role that Parliament might play during the negotiation period, and legal complications that are likely to endure post-Brexit in relation to the disentangling of EU and UK law.

The slides that accompanied my talk can be found via this link, while an audio recoding is here:


Other talks given during Brexit Week can be accessed here.  My talk predated the Divisional Court’s judgment in Miller, about which I will write separately.