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The “vigour” of common law rights and values: A v BBC [2014] UKSC 25

Earlier this week, I wrote in my review of recent developments that it is possible to identify a stream of jurisprudence that has emerged from the UK Supreme Court over the last year which places […]

Cambridge Sixth Form Law Conference talk: The UK’s (unusual) constitution

This post is aimed mainly at those who attended my recent talk at the Cambridge Sixth Form Law Conference on “The UK’s (unusual) constitution”. The talk’s point of departure was Lord Neuberger’s recent (and surprising) […]

The Miranda case, the fair-balance test, and deference

The Divisional Court’s judgment in the David Miranda case—Miranda v Secretary of State for the Home Department [2014] EWHC 255 (Admin)—has already attracted a considerable amount of comment, including by Fiona de Londras, Rosalind English, […]

Whole life tariffs: Court of Appeal differs from, but does not defy, Strasbourg

The Court of Appeal has just given judgment in Attorney-General’s Reference No 69 of 2013 [2014] EWCA Crim 188. It has held that the whole-life-tariff regime laid down in UK primary legislation is compatible with Article […]

Ministerial changes at the MoJ and the implications for human rights reform

Some potentially significant changes to the ministerial team at the Ministry of Justice have been announced. Along with the appointment of Liberal Democrat Simon Hughes – who replaces Lord McNally – as Minister of State, […]

The three dimensions of the relationship between UK law and the ECHR

Lectures by senior judges on the relationship between UK and European law are rather like the proverbial bus: you wait around for one, and then several arrive almost simultaneously. In the last few weeks, the […]

Law, Rights and Constitutional Politics: reflections on the Human Rights Act’s past and future

I have just finished work on a chapter for a collection of essays – Democracy in Britain: Essays in Honour of James Cornford – which will shortly be published by the Institute for Public Policy […]