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Resources / The EU (Withdrawal) Bill

A collection of key texts, official publications and commentaries relating to the European Union (Withdrawal) Bill

1,000 words / The European Union (Withdrawal) Bill

This 1,000 words post explains how the EU (Withdrawal) Bill works and addresses some of the main constitutional concerns it raises. A longer and more technical analysis of the Bill can be found here.

The EU (Withdrawal) Bill: Initial Thoughts

This post looks in some detail (albeit preliminarily) at how the EU (Withdrawal) Bill works, and comments on some of the key constitutional issues that it raises. A shorter post on the Bill, which forms part of my 1,000 words series, can be found here.

The 2017 Queen’s Speech and the (no longer “Great”) Repeal Bill

The Repeal Bill will remove the European Communities Act 1972 from the statute book while enabling large swathes of European Union law to be kept in force following the UK’s exit from the EU. What light does the Queen’s Speech cast upon this key piece of Brexit legislation?

Strong and Stable? The British Constitution and the 2017 General Election

In this article, first published in Counsel magazine, I consider how constitutional matters influenced the 2017 general election — and what the future constitutional implications of the election generally, and of a hung Parliament in particular, might be.

The “Great Repeal Bill” White Paper in 20 tweets

In its recent White Paper, the Government set out its thinking about the “Great Repeal Bill”. In this series of tweets, I highlight some of the key elements of the White Paper.

The Government’s White Paper on the “Great Repeal Bill”: Some Preliminary Thoughts

The “Great Repeal Bill” will lay the legislative foundations for the extensive process of legal re-wiring necessitated by Brexit. In its White Paper published in March 2017, the Government set out its plans for the Bill in broad terms — but it is clear that much thinking remains to be done.