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The EU Charter of Fundamental Rights and UK law

Earlier this week, the Daily Mail ran a story under the headline: “Dozens of EU human rights are smuggled into the UK: Grayling attacks Brussels after claims by top judge”. The “top judge” in question is Mostyn J, whose “claims” were made in the case of R (AB) v Secretary of State for the Home Department [2013] EWHC 3453

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Why there wouldn’t necessarily be a referendum even if the EU (Referendum) Bill were enacted

Earlier today, the Conservative Party published its European Union (Referendum) Bill. The full text of the Bill can be found here on the Party’s website. The likelihood of its being enacted is very slim, and it seems clear that it has been published in order to stem the increasingly shrill noises emanating from some parts

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Some interesting LSE working papers: prisoner voting and the EU Act 2011

A couple of the latest papers in the LSE Law Department’s Working Papers Series caught my eye. In the first, Peter Ramsay argues (contrary to the ECtHR’s decision in Hirst v UK (No 2)) that the UK’s ban on prisoner voting is necessary and proportionate in a democratic society – and should not therefore be regarded

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