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Amending the Hunting Act: Would English votes for English laws make a difference?

It is reported today that the Scottish National Party plans to vote against proposals to amend the Hunting Act 2004 so as to relax (but not remove) the prohibition on hunting wild animals with dogs. […]

Report of Political and Constitutional Reform Committee on Proposed Scotland Bill

I have written before about the recently published Draft Clauses that would form part of a new Scotland Bill, the purpose of which would be to implement proposals made by the Smith Commission concerning further […]

Cheryl Saunders’ 2015 Sir David Williams Lecture: “Devolution. Federation. Constitution. From here to where?”

Professor Cheryl Saunders gave the 2015 Sir David Williams Lecture at the Cambridge Law Faculty last week. Her title was: “Devolution. Federation. Constitution. From here to where?” In the lecture, Saunders considers the relationship — and the […]

Lady Hale’s 2015 Bryce Lecture: The Supreme Court in the United Kingdom Constitution

Lady Hale gave the 2015 Bryce Lecture earlier this month, taking “The Supreme Court in the United Kingdom Constitution” as her title. The lecture does not break any new ground, but is a helpful overview […]

My submission to parliamentary committees on clauses 1 and 2 of the proposed Scotland Bill

I have written in other posts — here and here — about the constitutional implications of the proposed Scotland Bill arising from the Report of the Smith Commission. In advance of giving oral evidence on this […]

The Draft Scotland Bill and the sovereignty of the UK Parliament

The Draft Scotland Bill — which aims to implement “the vow” made by the leaders of the major UK political parties in the closing days of the referendum campaign — has now been published. The first […]

A “permanent” Scottish Parliament and the sovereignty of the UK Parliament: Four perspectives

The Report of the Smith Commission for Further Devolution of Powers to the Scottish Parliament has been published. It contains an array of significant proposals concerning the devolution of further authority to the Scottish Parliament. […]