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The Cambridge Companion to Public Law

The Cambridge Companion to Public Law, which I am editing with David Feldman, will be published later this year. In the meantime, we have posted the editors’ introduction to SSRN; a copy can be downloaded here. […]

Report of Political and Constitutional Reform Committee on Proposed Scotland Bill

I have written before about the recently published Draft Clauses that would form part of a new Scotland Bill, the purpose of which would be to implement proposals made by the Smith Commission concerning further […]

An Introduction to Public Law by way of the Anisminic Case

I gave a lecture at the Cambridge Sixth Form Law Conference earlier today on Public Law. I used the Anisminic case to explore the nature of the UK’s constitutional arrangements — in particular, what makes […]

A Post-European British constitution: Plus ça change?

I am giving a Current Legal Problems lecture at the UCL Faculty of Laws later this week. The lecture is entitled: “A post-European British constitution: Plus ça change?” The following is the opening section of the lecture; it gives a taste […]

Lady Hale’s 2015 Bryce Lecture: The Supreme Court in the United Kingdom Constitution

Lady Hale gave the 2015 Bryce Lecture earlier this month, taking “The Supreme Court in the United Kingdom Constitution” as her title. The lecture does not break any new ground, but is a helpful overview […]

#50cases — Three suggestions

Adam Wagner, editor of the excellent UK Human Rights Blog, is in the process of launching a new Human Rights Information Project, as part of which he is crowdsourcing “50 human rights cases absolutely everyone […]

The Rotherham case in the Supreme Court: Deference, reasonableness and proportionality

I posted here about the decision of Stewart J in R (Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council) v Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills. The case concerns a challenge to the lawfulness of UK Government allocations of EU […]