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1,000 words / The European Union (Withdrawal) Bill

This 1,000 words post explains how the EU (Withdrawal) Bill works and addresses some of the main constitutional concerns it raises. A longer and more technical analysis of the Bill can be found here.

1,000 words / The Supreme Court’s Judgment in Miller

In this 1,000 words post I analyse and reflect upon the Supreme Court’s judgment in R (Miller) v Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union [2017] UKSC 5, in which it was held that the Government could not rely on prerogative power for the purpose of triggering the Brexit process.

1,000 words / Devolution

The current system of devolution in the UK was introduced by the Blair Government in the late 1990s. It involved the creation of new legislative and executive institutions in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, and […]

1,000 Words / Fundamentals Concisely Explained

My series of 1,000 words posts sets out to explain key public law principles and issues concisely and accessibly. It’s aimed primarily at law students, but may be of interest to others who are new to the subject.

1,000 words / If EU law is supreme, can Parliament be sovereign?

That the United Kingdom’s Parliament is sovereign is a — perhaps the — fundamental principle of British constitutional law. Yet the supremacy of European Union law — meaning that it takes priority over conflicting laws enacted […]

1,000 words / The Rule of Law

The rule of law is an axiomatic part of the British constitution. But in order to understand the rule of law properly, it is necessary to consider the specific principles for which it stands — and, just as importantly, what can (and cannot) be done in order to uphold those principles.

1,000 words / Parliamentary sovereignty

The principle of parliamentary sovereignty lies at the core of the United Kingdom’s constitutional arrangements. But what exactly does it mean?