House of Lords reform: the politics

It is already looking unlikely that the House of Lords Reform Bill will be enacted – at least in the form in which it was originally introduced, and on which I posted yesterday. There are reports today – including on the BBC and Guardian websites – that, amid real tensions between the Conservative and Liberal

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A British Bill of Rights?

The Commission on a Bill of Rights is considering whether the Human Rights Act 1998 should be replaced, or supplemented, by a “British Bill of Rights”. Today, it issued a consultation paper asking for views on what, if anything, should be done. The consultation paper sets out the various possibilities, and is worth reading if

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“Law in Focus”

The Law Faculty at Cambridge has just launched a series of short videos called “Law in Focus”, in which issues of current legal interest are explained and commented on by Faculty members with expertise in the relevant area. Here are the first two videos:

Reform of the House of Lords: the issues

As a constitutional lawyer, I’m interested (among other things) in how we’re governed, how the government is held to account for what it does, and how our laws are made. In the UK, it’s Parliament that does these things. The current proposals to reform the House of Lords are therefore important: if enacted (and that’s a

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Welcome to applyingforlaw

Welcome to applyingforlaw – a blog for those who are thinking about applying, or who have recently applied, to study Law at University. Prospective Law students often ask me what they should be reading – to enable them to make up their minds about whether Law is the right course of them, to help to start

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