Law degrees and the Supreme Court Justices

In an earlier post, I mentioned Lord Sumption’s suggestion that prospective lawyers would be better off doing a non-Law degree and then converting to Law later on. It’s interesting, then, that – according to this post on the UK Supreme Court Blog – most of the present Supreme Court Justices studied Law (or Jurisprudence) at university.

Cross-examining children in court

We’re all familiar with films and TV programmes in which a witness is demolished through tough cross-examination by the other side’s lawyer. But what if the witness is a child – how should he or she be questioned? The Guardian has just published this extract from Children and Cross-Examination – a new book by one of

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How the coalition works

Here’s a link to an interesting, short (15 minute) BBC programme about how the coalition works. It’s an interview with the authors of a new book called The Politics of Coalition.

Freedom of information? Blair-Bush phone calls “may be suppressed”

It is reported in the Guardian today that: An explosive transcript of one of Tony Blair’s final conversations with George Bush before the invasion of Iraq may be suppressed by the coalition government, Whitehall sources have confirmed. How will the Government do this, given that the Information Tribunal has already ruled that the transcript should be released under the Freedom of Information

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