Public Law

Aimed at students taking modules in Public Law, Constitutional Law and Administrative Law, Public Law is the UK’s best-selling textbook in its field. The fourth edition, written by Mark Elliott and Robert Thomas, was published by Oxford University Press in 2020.

Public Law is an advanced textbook that comprehensively covers the key topics found on undergraduate public law courses. The book presents a sophisticated yet accessible analysis of the law and institutions of public law, and places the legal issues within the wider socio-political context within which the constitution operates. Three key themes that permeate the content allow students to approach the subject in a structured and easy to understand way, and questions posed throughout the chapters give students the opportunity to provide answers that show how their knowledge has increased as the chapter progresses. The book makes innovative use of diagrams to aid visual learners, while each chapter is accompany by an ‘expert commentary’. The commentaries are written by a wide range of leading experts, and in this way the book exposes students to a variety of perspectives on and approaches to the subject. The key themes that run throughout the book are: the significance of executive power in the contemporary constitution and the challenge of ensuring that those who wield it are held to account; the shift in recent times from a political to a more legal constitution and the implications of this change; and the increasingly ‘multi-layered’ character of the British constitution.

Praise for Public Law

‘Elliott and Thomas’ Public Law has quickly established itself as a modern classic. It delivers depth and breadth while remaining accessible to those coming to public law for the first time.’ — Professor Jeff King, University College London

‘This is an excellent book which our students enjoy using. It explains issues well without dumbing down and engages with debate in a way which encourages students to form their own views.’ — Chloe Wallace, Associate Professor, University of Leeds

Further information about Public Law can be found on the Oxford University Press website.