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Should academic lawyers blog?

As an academic lawyer who writes his own blog, as well as contributing occasionally to others, my answer to the question “Should academic lawyers blog?” is, perhaps unsurprisingly, “Yes”. However, I have been prompted — by agreeing to talk about blogging at a conference on the teaching of public law held at City Law School — to reflect more carefully on whether, and if so why, writing and contributing to blogs is something that academic lawyers should do.

Revising for your 2014 Public Law exam? Here are some of this year’s key developments and blog highlights

If you are studying Public Law (or Constitutional Law) this year, you will know that it is a fast-moving field. And if you are currently revising for an exam in this area, you will no […]

Now available: Second edition of Elliott & Thomas, Public Law

The second edition of Public Law – the textbook that I write with Robert Thomas – has been published by Oxford University Press. Although it is only three years since the first edition was published, much has happened […]

Cambridge Sixth Form Law Conference talk: The UK’s (unusual) constitution

This post is aimed mainly at those who attended my recent talk at the Cambridge Sixth Form Law Conference on “The UK’s (unusual) constitution”. The talk’s point of departure was Lord Neuberger’s recent (and surprising) […]

New Law student? Here’s some advice to get you started

This guest post is by one of my former students, Jack Williams. He studied Law at St Catharine’s College, Cambridge, graduating with a First Class honours degree in summer 2012. He is now a barrister at Monckton Chambers. In this post, Jack offers advice – by way of a letter to his younger self as a new Law student – on how to study Law.

Studying Law at St Catharine’s College, Cambridge

Each year, I talk to propspective Cambridge Law students at open days held by my College, St Catharine’s. I have recorded a YouTube version of the talk. It covers studying Law at Cambridge generally and […]

Teaching public law: Topicality—a blessing or a curse?

On Tuesday 25th June, I will be speaking at a conference at the University of Manchester, organised by the Society of Legal Scholars and Oxford University Press, on the subject of “Teaching Public Law in […]