Category: Constitutional Law

Human Rights Act campaign

The British Institute of Human Rights is running a campaign against the repeal of the Human Rights Act 1998 – a prospect that is arguably more likely following the appointment of Chris Grayling as the […]

Why Chris Grayling’s appointment as Justice Secretary is significant #1: The first non-lawyer Lord Chancellor

Yesterday’s Government reshuffle is important (although perhaps not as important as media coverage might imply) for all sorts of reasons. For lawyers, one of the most significant aspects is the change at the top of […]

House of Lords Reform Bill officially withdrawn

In the least surprising news of the week so far, the Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg, has made a statement to the House of Commons indicating that the House of Lords Reform Bill is being […]

The right to decide about the right to die

It was impossible to feel anything but sympathy for Tony Nicklinson, who died a few days ago of pneumonia. Nicklinson suffered from “locked-in syndrome”: left almost entirely paralysed (but intellectually unimpaired) by a stroke, he considered […]

“Obamacare” and the US Supreme Court

In a previous post, I pointed out that appointments to the US Supreme Court typically excite far more interest than appointments to the UK Supreme Court. One reason for this is that the US Supreme […]