1,000 words


1,000 words is a series of occasional posts on key issues . Each post addresses — in roughly a thousand words — a fundamental concept, principle, doctrine, institution or debate relevant to Public Law. The intention is that — over time: posts will roll out slowly — 1,000 words will evolve into a resource that will address a broad range of key issues in Public Law, and that it will help students better to engage with crucial aspects of the subject.

Posts in the 1,000 words series are not intended to replace traditional resources, such as textbooks, but rather to complement them, including by providing additional perspectives and highlighting relationships between the often-interconnected issues that must be confronted if Public Law is to be understood. 1,000 words posts will not necessarily aim to provide an exhaustive overview; rather, they are likely to offer a particular perspective, or to tackle aspects of topics that students commonly find difficult.

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1,000 words posts

I am indebted to Professor Paul Cairney’s Politics & Public Policy blog, which originally gave me the idea for 1,000 words posts on Public Law for Everyone.