Photo 2017 [1]Mark Elliott is Professor of Public Law at the Faculty of LawUniversity of Cambridge, where he teaches Constitutional Law and Administrative Law, and a Fellow of St Catharine’s College, Cambridge. He is the recipient of a University of Cambridge Pilkington Prize for Excellence in University Teaching. Mark served as Legal Adviser to the House of Lords Select Committee on the Constitution from 2015 to 2019 and co-founded the international biennial series of Public Law Conferences, the first two of which were held at the University of Cambridge in 2014 and 2016.

Mark is the co-author of two leading texts in the area of public law. The fifth edition of Administrative Law, co-written with Jason Varuhas, was published by Oxford University Press in 2017. The third edition of Public Law, co-written with Robert Thomas, was also published in 2017 by Oxford University Press; it is the UK’s best-selling textbook in the field. Mark’s other books include The UK Constitution After Miller: Brexit and Beyond (Hart Publishing 2018) (co-edited with Jack Williams and Alison L Young), The Unity of Public Law? Doctrinal, Theoretical and Comparative Perspectives (Hart Publishing 2018) (co-edited with Jason Varuhas and Shona Wilson Stark), Public Law Adjudication in Common Law Systems: Process and Substance (Hart Publishing 2016) (co-edited with John Bell, Jason Varuhas and Philip Murray), The Scope and Intensity of Substantive Review: Traversing Taggart’s Rainbow (Hart Publishing 2015) (co-edited with Hanna Wilberg), The Cambridge Companion to Public Law (Cambridge University Press 2015) (co-edited with David Feldman) and The Constitutional Foundations of Judicial Review (Hart Publishing 2000). Mark is also the author of numerous articles and essays on topics covering a wide range of public law issues. A full list of his publications can be found here.

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