RightsInfo, which is setting a very high bar indeed in terms of the visual explanation of human-rights-related issues, has just launched an excellent two-minute animation on human-rights basics. If you want to know what human rights are and are looking for an accessible way in, it’s a great starting-point. Of course, the points made in the animation don’t establish that the principal texts to which it refers — the European Convention on Human Rights and the UK’s Human Rights Act 1998 — are perfect. Nor does the animation (in my view at least) deliver a knock-out argument against the repeal of the 1998 Act or the UK’s withdrawal from the ECHR. It does, however, set out in simple, clear terms what those human-rights instruments do, and conveys a sense of what is placed at stake by the Government’s official stance, according to which the HRA is to be replaced by a British Bill of Rights the terms of which might precipitate the UK’s exit from the ECHR. A great deal more can — and will — be said about these proposals if and when they acquire a concrete form. In the meantime, it’s hard to think of a more accessible pro-rights scene-setter than RightsInfo’s latest effort.