When I first started writing my “Applying for Law” blog last year, I was brand new to blogging (and to Twitter: which I joined simply in order to be able to tweet links to blog posts). Since then, the blog – along with my (still limited) grasp of this part of the online world – has evolved. In particular, I have come to realise that blogging and Twitter are increasingly important ways in which academics can engage with one another, with students, and with the wider world.

The original intention behind my blog was to open up the world of Law – and academic Law in particular – to people who are thinking of applying to study Law at university. I still think that that is important, and that will remain part of what I try to do. But I now also appreciate that blogging has a real role to play in relation to my academic work, including as a means by which to float ideas at an early stage and to offer commentary on current events.

So I am retiring Applying for Law. The new version of the blog is called “Public law for everyone”. The new name reflects the facts that the focus will be on my key area of academic interest – public law – and I that I will be writing on that topic in ways that will, I hope, be accessible and of interest to a range of people. Some posts will continue to be aimed at the uninitiated, such as prospective Law students. Other posts will be more specialised or technical in nature, and as such will be aimed at other public lawyers and law students. As with the original incarnation of my blog, this new iteration will remain a work-in-progress, and will no doubt continue to evolve.