Joshua Rozenberg on UK’s relationship with the Council of Europe

Joshua Rozenberg has recently published an excellent article in the Guardian concerning the UK’s relationship with the Council of Europe – the international organisation (not to be confused with the European Union) which seeks to promote and secure protection for human rights in Europe. Rozenberg argues that that relationship will soon reach a turning-point, such is the UK Government’s dissatisfaction with the judgments of the the European Court of Human Rights concerning the European Convention on Human Rights (one of the Council of Europe’s principal treaties).

In his article, Rozenberg cites as evidence of this tension a range of examples, including the prisoner voting issue, the Court’s decision, earlier this week, concerning the dismissal from his job of a member of the British National Party, and an upcoming decision about whether the UK breached its positive obligation to protect life by failing to intervene when one person made serious threats against another person, later going on to kill him.

Rozenberg also refers to a fascinating interview on his Law in Action programme with Sir Edward Garnier QC (who, until recently, was the Solicitor-General), in which the UK’s relationship with the Council of Europe is discussed. If you want to listen to the programme, here is a link to it on the BBC iPlayer.

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