Welcome to applyingforlaw

Welcome to applyingforlaw – a blog for those who are thinking about applying, or who have recently applied, to study Law at University.

Prospective Law students often ask me what they should be reading – to enable them to make up their minds about whether Law is the right course of them, to help to start thinking about legal issues as they apply to read Law at university, or simply to satisfy a curiosity about Law and legal issues that they have already identified.

If you fall into any of the above categories, then I hope you will find this blog helpful. The point of applyingforlaw is to highlight significant developments – from media stories to Supreme Court judgments – that will be of interest to anyone preparing to begin, or thinking of applying for a place, on a Law degree course. It doesn’t aim to be remotely comprehensive: you only have to open a newspaper or look at a news website to realise that nearly everything that goes on around us has some sort of legal dimension. Instead, applyingforlaw will aim draw attention to a selection of issues that will provide food for thought, and suggestions about how, if you’re interested in a particular issue, you might develop that interest further by reading other things.

I should also say that applyingforlaw will reflect my own areas of interest and expertise. There will therefore be a focus on areas such as public law (constitutional and administrative law), human rights, and the relationship between (on the one hand) law and (on the other hand) politics and the way we are governed.

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