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Administrative Law

The (constitutional) state we’re in: A week in British politics

If proof were needed that a week can be a long time in politics, one would need to look no further than the events of the last seven days in […]

Constitutional Law

The Internal Market Bill – A Perfect Constitutional Storm

The willingness of the UK’s Brexiteer-led Government to pick fights with the European Union is a given. So too, now, is its appetite for a show-down with the courts, as […]

Administrative Law

The Judicial Review Review III: Limiting judicial review by ‘clarifying’ non-justiciability — or putting lipstick on the proverbial pig

Having considered, in my first two posts in this series, the general scope and underlying agenda of the Government’s Review of judicial review and the possibility of codifying the grounds […]

Administrative Law

The Judicial Review Review II: Codifying Judicial Review — Clarification or Evisceration?

In my first post on the Review of judicial review, I noted, among other things, the potentially far-reaching nature of the recommendations that might emerge, bearing in mind the Review’s […]

Administrative Law

The Judicial Review Review I: The Reform Agenda and its Potential Scope

The UK Government has announced a review of judicial review — the Independent Review of Administrative Law — with notably broad terms of reference. This post is the first in […]

Constitutional Law

The United Kingdom’s constitution and Brexit: A ‘constitutional moment’?

I recently completed work on an article for a special issue of the Japanese legal journal Horitsu Jiho. The theme of the special issue is the impact of the forces […]


The Fundamentality of Rights at Common Law

I recently completed a paper, to be published in a forthcoming edited collection, on ‘The Fundamentality of Rights at Common Law’. The concern of the paper is with the senses […]